Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Drive to Davenport and back!

Well tonight we took the Motorhome out for a drive to charge batteries and keep the seals sealed .

With the 3.70 Diff this Motorhome accelerates pretty good for a 10,000 LB Hotrod LOL.
Got a few bugs to work out as we have a Knocking sound coming from the front,  bottom of the coach .
really must get those new tires on this beast soon.

But with all of that , man this motorhome is smooth , It just glides over bumps and runs like a champ at 55 MPH.

Thinking we should replace the Windshield wiper motors from the Hydraulic to electric.
Also thinking it would be a great idea to take a hard look at all of the steering components now.

Got to tell you folks these motorhomes are never done.
It's more like a continuing construction project that never ends.
I am pretty sure we will be still fixing things as we are on our journey.

Will be posting more all the time as we get closer to our launch date.

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