Saturday, November 26, 2016

Getting Closer to the Road now!

At the start of the video I say "I sure love this old motorhome".
Well, guess what? I really do , because it represents freedom for my and my Wife's souls!  It also represents something that is not really cared about much now days;  it is well built and almost 40 years old. Consider this: it's an RV that is older than most of you, and yet it is still on the road and still grabbing as much attention as when it was brand new! Fortunately for us and fellow GMC enthusiasts, some people really did care about quality back in the 70's.

Once Lynn and I are out there on the wild, wide open gypsy roads we will be able to share so much with you all. Yes, this old motorhome named "Alice " ('cause we're following her "down the rabbit hole") will take us to many places that have been forgotten and lost in this bland world of grey and black we now live in.

My hope is that through our travels, and sharing our ideas, and talking with people who do not live in a grey world we will open some doors to all who watch our videos. Perhaps this is just the start of a new way to live and love, and perhaps freedom is really out there if you can shut the modern world off.
Or perhaps it's all about taking the modern world and shaping it in a way that we all want?

Never-the-less, Alice and Lynn and Joe, along with with Amy , Rosie and Milton, will be heading out into the wide wide world very soon and perhaps we shall see some of you out there...

Be blessed, and keep on Rocking in the getting a little free-er free world!


  1. Hey Joe, I would like to follow your blog but I am at a loss to see how to do this, is there a link I am missing?
    I wanted to let you know we are out here in our 75 GMC , doing what you are setting out to do. January will be our 4th RTR and if you make it we will look you up. Donna & Mark

    1. Here ya Go , Hope this helps .

      PS Thanks for the Kind Words and we will try to make the RTR, But it may be about two weeks to early for us.

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