Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hi everyone
Why would we leave our Home in Santa Cruz California and want to live in a Motorhome and on the road?

Well, here are a few of the reasons.

Santa Cruz is not the place it was when I was young.  In fact, it seems like a place I would never want to live. It has lost its soul to the people who came here from other places.

I have seen so called political leaders say "keep Santa Cruz Weird".
It is not weird now; it's like a ghost that is lost on its way to heaven.
Most of the people in Santa Cruz who say they have been here for a long time don't even know that a Jet crashed here in the fifties;
they don't even know that the Dog Pound was on the mountain where the Jet crashed.

You see, Santa Cruz is now run by people who don't care about Her history; all they care about is running a rather leftist city with zero tolerance for people who are not part of the false left.
It seems to me that those who came here brought  their attitudes with them and did not care one bit about the culture of Old Santa Cruz.

But it's not just that stuff; we also feel that sitting in one place waiting for life to come to you is a tad on the silly side.
We want to see America and share America with all the people who watch our Videos on Youtube.
LNJ Photo Nomads YouTube !

The Reason We bought a GMC Motorhome to do this with is the GMC seems to bring more happy faces than a standard Motorhome.

You see, they do make you smile :)

The GMC Motorhome is a very cool idea from General Motors.
But it's age can make it somewhat more delicate to operate.
That being said, I feel the Old Tech has some advantages to the Modern Motorhomes.

For one, it will not rot away like many of the modern RV's.
Rubber Roofs and Laminated walls were never a good idea.

The Drivetrain can be a bit over taxed imho.
a 455 with a THM 425 Transaxle and a twelve thousand pound coach seems a bit of a stretch to me.
However, Manny of Manny's Transmission Service has been able to make these transaxles much stronger than stock and that gives me some hope for the lifespan of these transmissions.

The Engine is carbureted and that does not bother me in the least, as I have used carburetors long before injection became the norm.
The Cooling System on these Motorhomes is a tad on the weak side.
My plan is to update the entire cooling system.

In closing, we can't wait to hit the road.
Our GMC will be our home, and our home will be coming to a State or National Park Near You!

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